Right to Sustainable Livelihoods.(RSL)

Right to Sustainable Livelihoods.(RSL)

The Right To sustainable Livelihoods Project of Hoima Diocese has been funded by Misereor since April 2011 to October 2012. This project has been implemented in Hoima and Bulisa districts. The project had the overall Goal of contributing to more secure livelihoods of the rural poor farmers in Hoima diocese during the oil and gas exploration, production and marketing. The intervention was aimed at increasing the poor people’s awareness of their fundamental and economic rights and access to mechanisms that facilitate their actual enjoyment of those rights. The people have been trained in land use planning and management, sensitized on land demarcation, how to access markets for their produce, sensitized on the latest energy sector developments and how to survail their land to protect it from being grabbed. It was realised that the people have been equipped with the basic skills of presenting their issues in protecting their rights by putting the duty bearers accountable and putting them to task of accountability.

Areas of implementaion

Kabwoya (2 parishes – Kaseta and Kimbugu), Buseruka (2 parishes – Tonya and Kabaale), Kigorobya (1 parish - Kapapi), Bulisa (Bulisa town council)

This is the region with most of the oil reserves/deposits and a major target for the development of the agro-fuel industry because of its fertile soils. The second phase 2013-2017 will target sub counties of Buseruka and Kabwoya in Hoima district and parts of Masindi district.

Desired future situation

  1. A harmonious co-existence of the oil and gas industry and the local community in a manner that guarantees the local people’s rights especially the small-holder farmers’ right to agricultural land and the security of their tenure thereon.
  2. Local communities as active stakeholders in the oil industry in an arrangement that favors the advancement of their livelihoods. This includes public access to relevant information that enables community members make business and other strategic decisions based on authentic oil and gas information.
  3. The government and oil companies respecting the rights and interests of the local communities and meaningfully involve them in local area development programs
  4. Government and its agencies actively involving civil society in decision making and implementing of environmental conservation and other mitigation measures.


  1. Selected and sensitized 60 Community Action Researchers who were facilitated with bicycles, writing materials to facilitate them in their work. They do collect information regarding issues affecting the communities’ livelihoods such as land grabbing and forward it to different stakeholders for action.
  2. Trained 60 community action researchers in leadership skills and management.
  3. Trained 60 community action researchers in research skills.
  4. Formed a Regional Coalition called Bunyoro Coalition on Oil and Sustainable Livelihoods (BUCOSA) which is comprised of 30 member organizations operating within Bunyoro Sub Region. The coalition is working towards ensuring that the peoples livelihoods and tenure of their land is guaranteed during the oil and gas exploration, production and marketing.
  5. Sensitized 40 coalition members in protection mechanisms for human rights defenders, these skills do help the members in self protection during in the fragile environment for advocacy.
  6. Sensitized communities in local land demarcation, and helping them in carrying out community led land demarcation exercise in Kapapi, Kimbugu and Kaseta parishes in Kigorobya and Kabwoya Sub Counties. It is expected that these will try to reduce land wrangles and will be a basis for local land registration certificates which shall be applied for by the individual households from their sub counties.
  7. Trained communities in land use planning and management.
  8. Sensitized communities on local land registration exercise.
  9. Trained 10 HOCADEO staff and 30 coalition members in advocacy skills.
  10. We are in the final stages of formulating the coalition three year strategic plan for 2013-2015.
  11. Carried out research on the current trends of oil exploration and the socio-economic implications of the emerging oil and gas industry on the livelihood security of the local communities in the Albertine region. The findings of this research will be basis for the future advocacy interventions of HOCADEO and the Coalition.
  12. Held a one-day research report dissemination meeting that involved different stakeholders from Hoima and Bulisa districts. In this meeting, stakeholders realized that there are serious issues affecting communities within Bunyoro Sub Region which are not attended to by the government which is responsible for protecting peoples’ livelihoods. It is instead the government that is causing disruptions in peoples living conditions especially in the oil and gas exploration activities.
  13. Secured the community land in Kapapi that had been unlawfully surveyed without the communities consent and the mark stones were removed.
  14. Held radio programs to sensitize communities on effective utilization of land.


  1. The bureaucracy in government offices that delays some of the activities, for instance the project delayed to begin in Bulisa district due to formalities of the memorandum of understanding which was not easy.
  2. The area land committees at sub counties are not trained on how to issue local land registration certificates.
  3. There are delays in making a decision on compensations on the side of government.
  4. The government stopped issuing of land certificates and tittles in the areas close to oil exploration activities.
  5. Oil companies and government refuse to share their information with the public freely.

Implementation Team

Fr. Joseph Birungi Project lead person

Fr. Joseph Birungi
Project lead person

Mr. Christopher Emanzi Coordinator

Mr. Christopher Emanzi

Mr. Desteo Tugume Project officer

Mr. Desteo Tugume
Project officer

Mr. Alinaitwe Richard M & E officer

Mr. Alinaitwe Richard
M & E officer

Mr. Matovu Geofrey Programe officer

Mr. Matovu Geofrey
Programe officer

Ms. Alituha Joan Programe officer

Ms. Alituha Joan
Programe officer

Ms. Birungi Christine Administrative secretary

Ms. Birungi Christine
Administrative secretary

Mr. Kusiimwa Micheal Accountant

Mr. Kusiimwa Micheal